Ready to feel calm...
in the sea of chaos?

Sustainable Happiness Together presents the Winning Wellness ExperienceTM

Mindful Sustainability Educator, Liz Rutledge and Resilience Expert, Dr. Cyrina Bullard have curated a wellness journey experience for you. The best tools for your wellness tool belt, so you can stay afloat.
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Our Mission:

Sustainable Happiness Together’s mission is to support people to be resilient and thrive by inspiring them to be more present for this gift of life, experience more happiness, while powerfully living into the vision of their optimal life.
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Are you feeling ready?

We've worked passionately to prepare this course collection for you.
We've curated the best of the wellness tools out there for you.
We're ready to support you in living your best life.  Are you?

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Courses for Children (3 - 8 year-olds)


Control how you learn & progress

Flexible Learning

Learn with your home, office, or wherever you have online access.  24/7 access to all your courses.

Learn at your own pace

Whether you have just a few minutes or several hours, these courses can be completed as your schedule allows.

A complete wellness experience

Our learners can benefit from learning wellness tools that calm, nourish, empower, and more.

Holistic Experience

Enjoy knowing you get science-backed tools and techniques through a variety of experiences supporting you in achieving optimal wellness.

Some kind words from our students...

Berni Slowey

Filmmaker, Speaker & Coach
The mindfulness exercises from the Winning Wellness Workshop were impactful for me, especially being walked through eating a tangerine. It was a dance of the senses! The workshop is worth every minute and the information valuable for heightened awareness. Liz and Cyrina balance each other well to blend their life experiences, unique gifts and passion with practical tools I can use daily.

Bridget Mitchell

Boutique Owner
I enjoyed my experience at the Winning Wellness Workshop. Like others, I'm a mom, business owner, volunteer, friend, daughter, etc. and I rarely have time to prioritize my personal journey towards mindfulness. This workshop gave me the tools and the room to explore ways to be more present and at peace with what brings me happiness. Liz and Cyrina are wonderful and their personal stories bring depth to their message and teachings

Gwen Blumenschein

Musical Educator & Performer
Liz Rutledge and Cyrina Bullard are a great team in presenting their Wellness Workshops. Cyrina's personal story of having almost died three times and her "take away" from those experiences that transformed her are a true inspiration to find ways to transform our own challenges. Liz's story is also meaningful and transformative regarding ways of being mindful of our daily lives, learning simple techniques through breathing to manage our anxieties and fears. I am looking forward to a refresher workshop!

Paula Henry

PH Balanced Collective Consulting
“This course is powerful! It taught me how to make each day more peaceful, calm, and joyful. I am confident that in moments of stress or anxiety I’ll be able to use the tools to ease my tension and shift back into flow. What a gift! I relished moving through the course, learning, reflecting, and soaking in wisdom and love from Liz and Cyrina.”

Tom Sladek, Phd

chemical engineer, consultant
I was curious about mindfulness meditation, and this workshop helped me understand how it all works. It was a very valuable experience, and I'm glad I went.

Rebecca Gibbs

Financial Consultant, Insurance Counselor, Non-Profit COO
Every morning I get up and read the [Visioning] letter I wrote and it's manifesting! I love reading it every morning. It's effective.

Sharon Thompson

ceo of healthy denver, inc.
I've already manifested two of the things off of my list. I really like the personal development that I got from [Liz and Cyrina]. I highly recommend tapping in to what they are doing.

Margot LaBree

mom, yogi, hiker, volunteer
As a person who has struggled with starting a meditation practice, the well organized lessons and exercises Liz provided were perfect for getting me started on the path toward mindfulness.
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Frequently asked questions

What courses should I take?

All of the courses offer different tools for your wellness tool belt, although they focus on different topics for your overall wellbeing. We incorporate science-based tools in the Catch and Spread Happiness, Experience Mindfulness, Flow Through Life with Resiliency, and the Mindful Journey of the Senses. The course Your Life of Design...Not One of Default will help you create a vision for a life you would love and share tools with you to help make it a reality. Each course also includes three bonus classes by amazing co-creators!

Who will be teaching the courses?

Sustainable Happiness Together merges the Resiliency, Happiness, and Visioning tools of Catch Happiness® with Sustainable Three's Mindfulness and Sustainability practices.  Dr. Cyrina Bullard and Liz Rutledge combined their knowledge and experience to create several courses to fill participants' tool belts with science-based tools. They also joined forces with some fabulous partners to empower you to be in flow and mindfully navigate this incredible journey called life with ease, grace, happiness and joy.

Who are the Co-Creators?

Currently, we have six amazing co-creatiors and will be adding more in the future:

  • Catherine (Cat) Peters: a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner.
  • Amy Ippoliti who is a yoga instructor, author and the CEO and Founder of Vesselify
  • Rachel Muskopf who is a Beachbody and Mindful Fitness Coach
  • Gina Pigott is a CEO, Coach, and Consultant
  • Nakia Laubscher is a Chef and founder of Chefate, LLC
  • Jeff Schwartz who is a Lawyer and Founder and CEO of CBA- Conceive, Believe, Achieve. 

What will you take away from the Winning Wellness ExperienceTM?

With your participation in the Winning Wellness Experience, you will be able to flow through life with ease and grace.  Feel prepared to navigate the challenges life inevitably throws at us.  Remain calm in the sea of chaos. We want to see you invest in yourself and reap the rewards of your participation. We share tools with you to help you live a life you love. The tools will help will become more conscious, mindful, resilient, and happy in your moments. We want to see you live a life of design not one of default.  Game On!  
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