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Experience Mindfulness

This course will introduce you to the fundamentals & science behind Mindfulness. Invite mindful practices in your day - every brushing your teeth. In this course, you will learn the basics, science-backing, and fundamentals of Mindfulness. You will receive a variety of suggestions on how to incorporate Mindfulness habits into your routines each day. Feel reassured and motivated knowing Mindfulness is validated and "road tested" by science. You will learn definitions, breathing techniques, success stories, and why it is so beneficial.
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Liz Rutledge

Mindful Sustainability Educator
Liz Rutledge is deeply passionate about the environment and wellness. She has been doing Mindfulness in one form or another since she was 10 years old. Deeply committed to helping others manage stress and find calm, she teaches Mindfulness at schools in the Denver area and is trained by Mindful Schools. Liz speaks to groups about Mindfulness and Sustainability - or, Mindful Sustainability. Mindfulness is about taking care of Our Selves, Our Community, and Our Planet. Liz teaches people how to be mindful about our planet by composting, gardening, recycling and other sustainability activities.
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