Happiness, Mindfulness & Resiliency Course for Children:

Lessons from the Bright ButterflyTM for Girl Scouts
(Daisies & Brownies)
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Learn tools to empower your Daisies & Brownies to be:

  • Focused

  • Kind to Themselves and Others

  • Calm

  • More Present in the Classroom

                                                           ...and be Open to Learning!

Girl Scout Daisies and Brownies will be empowered to become their most confident, best selves and have a strong foundation for life with our interactive, self-paced mini lessons. Our program is designed for Girl Scout troops to self-guide through our 15-minute lessons per week over the course of 6 weeks.

These hands-on, thought-provoking, self-reflection activities are a great way to start or end your troop meetings. Girls can then practice the skills between meetings. Girl Scouts will learn ways to foster: a growth mindset, more happiness, resilience, and ways to be calm every day.

This course merges the butterfly life cycle with critical social emotional learning tools. Girl Scouts can have more fun with the included Be Present to Catch Happiness game. And the Daily Habits with the Bright Butterfly (a habit tracker included in the course) encourages them to have good habits for life.

Most of the tools and techniques they will learn are backed by science and all of the information is delivered in engaging activities.

Hear how Effective our Course for Children is from a Pre-K Teacher who is also a Girl Scout Mom:

"It was wonderful and the students took to it just incredibly well..."
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Everybody Loves Butterflies!

This course merges the phases of the life cycle of the butterfly with social and emotional well-being tools children can use to find calm, manage anxiety, be mindful of thoughts and actions, be resilient, and have ways to inspire them towards their goals and dreams.
What your troop will learn from the Bright ButterflyTM:
  • Have a growth mindset like emerging from the egg
  • Catch happiness like caterpillars happily munching on leaves
  • Experience mindfulness and inner calm like in the pupa phase
  • Find resilience to emerge bravely from the chrysalis
  • Spread their wings and fly towards their dreams like butterflies!

The course includes:
  • Easy integration with current curriculum
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Daily happy, healthy, learning student activities
  • Workbook
  • Leader course outline

Course Reviews

As a teacher and a parent who has seen the great need to help our children navigate the challenges they face growing up, particularly during these last few years, I am excited by the Lessons from the Bright ButterflyTM course. The lessons in this course engage children in fostering skills of self-compassion, self-regulation, resilience, kindness, and gratitude in creative ways. Children will be hooked by the connection to the magical life cycle of the butterfly and many teachers will be able to integrate these social and emotional lessons into the goals of their science curriculum. Liz and Cyrina break down abstract concepts into vocabulary and activities appropriate for elementary children. The short length of each lesson and the simple materials lend themselves to using this course at home, as part of a classroom, or in an after school activity or club. I'm looking forward to using this course with my family and my students for years to come.
Allison Greer
Kindergarten Teacher, Winnetka, IL
With over 26 years of being a teacher, I highly endorse the "Lessons from the Bright ButterflyTM." The presenters of the course have a warm and welcoming voice that draws the listener in and creates calmness. The program gives effective relaxation techniques that can be replayed so teachers can incorporate these coping strategies into their daily or weekly routine. The course encourages students to explore what brings them happiness which is critical during these stressful times. It also creates positive imagery correlating students' life stages to the life cycle stages of a butterfly. This course focuses on and fosters a positive outlook and a growth mindset. Plus, this program is easy to use, and they even have a course outline to help teachers deliver the program that can be in less than 10 minutes a day for a week. Once you are done teaching the course it provides a creative certificate of success with butterflies on it to display in the classroom to illustrate accomplishment and metamorphosis.
Jackie Porter
Teacher, Ormond Beach, FL

What Teachers are Saying

I loved this program. Not only did it help my students, but it reminded me to be mindful.
Park Hill Elementary Teacher, Denver, CO
The videos were great--engaging, well edited, the kids enjoyed them!
Park Hill Elementary Teacher, Denver, CO
I am SO EXCITED to have SOMETHING TO USE as a guide for Social Emotional Learning at the ECE level for this upcoming school year. I just love the short videos and the visuals and the guide and the whole life cycle of a butterfly to engage my 4-year-olds in their journey toward resiliency and perseverance and coping skills and growth mindset and happiness.
Molly Kirschling, PreK/ECE Teacher,
Steck Elementary, Denver, CO
Amazing - it should be offered to every teacher!!! Well done!!!!
Lynn Coffey,
President of Simply Coaching, Inc.

Liz Rutledge & Dr. Cyrina Bullard

Mindfulness, Resiliency, Happiness & Visioning Coaches
As Sustainable Happiness Together LLC, we are inspired to support children in having ways to navigate the inevitable challenges or life.  As well-BEing trainers we focus our teachings on Mindfulness, Resiliency, Happiness & Visioning in our Winning Wellness Experience course collection. 
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